SEO misconception in NYC

Salsakurse - misconceptions of seo in NYC

A lot of businessmen in NYC do not want SEO. People tend to reject things that they don’t understand fully and the things that will require months of investing before any results can be seen. SEO for them is kind of an unproven thesis that some little boy conducted in his small garage. It is understandable because they will be investing money which they could have invested on other marketing platforms that are less risky. NYC SEO is a competitive scene where a lot of people with different skill set are vying to get the best marketing contract possible. Some of them will even promise the heavens just to get that juicy check without any evidence of their supposedly ranking skills. The problem with SEO is people can just screenshot any website they want and just claim it as theirs. This happens a lot with misinformed business owners thus leading to an unpleasant experience and leading to more people not getting the service.

What they are missing out though is a big business opportunity which could have helped them expand their customer base and revenue. The real world results of search engine optimization are real as there are numerous studies pointing out that ranking well on heavy traffic keywords do affect profitability. Business owners in NYC, however, tend to disagree since SEO became synonymous with annoying sales people who call you every Saturday to sell their “special” Deux machina product. This is due to people who barely did a 5-hour research and acting up like gurus selling the service like it’s some kind of a pancake on your local drive through. What people don’t know is search engine technology is something easy get into but hard to master. The concepts are dead simple “content is king” they say but it’s just a marketing term created by Google to make things simple. Simple does not equate to easy, actually, some of the things that are simple are the ones that are quite complex if you analyze it deep enough. This is true with search engine optimization, things look easy but the truth is it’s not. A search engine’s algorithm is considered one of the most guarded secret in the world. Nobody outside Google knows exactly how the search the search engine work and we only get a glimpse on some of the numerous faces occasionally through Google updates.

If a guy tells you he can rank your website in 5 different heavy traffic keywords in a month while for a very low price then something is up. First off it all depends on the keywords and keyword difficulty heavily relies on the amount of traffic it gets. So the more popular the keyword, the harder it is to rank. Additionally, it will take more than hundred dollars to properly rank a keyword. I think the reason why New York City SEO is having a bad light because a lot of people are saying they can do things that are literally impossible to do at a given price point.

How to Properly Do Search Engine Optimization

Internet marketers that aspire to achieve the highest rankings possible on the search engines, specifically in the organic listings, need to have basic search engine optimization techniques under their belt. Although these techniques are not that hard to learn or implement, it is important that you focus on just one or two in order to achieve a higher ranking. What most people do not understand is that SEO is really about looking like a regular person to the search engines. And by providing unique content that is helpful for the visitor, Google, and the other search engines will reward you by placing your site higher in the organic search engine listings. Here are a few tips on how to achieve these higher rankings quickly and easily.

Your title tag is something that most people ignore. Essentially, when the search engines list your website, it will go through the HTML on your web page and look for certain components. One of these components is called the title tag. It is the name of your website. So when the search engines list your website or blog, the title of your website will be listed. In many cases, people completely forget to add this tag to the HTML. If you are setting up a WordPress blog, this is usually not a problem because there is a specific area that you enter it into, and it is essentially done for you once the blog is complete. But with an HTML page, you need to remember to add the name of your website, usually with your primary keyword, and this will help your search engine rankings because it will show relevancy in regard to the website itself.

The next step is to add meta-tags, specifically your keywords and description. Although this is something that many SEO experts believe to be unnecessary, it is something that you also enter in when creating a WordPress blog. The websites will place a description of your website in the organic listings with your title, and rank your website based on the keywords that you use. So it is very important to do everything that you can to make sure that Google and the other search engines recognize not only the title of your website but can see a description of what it is about in the keywords that you are using. By adding this extra information, it can only help with your on-page SEO and boost your rankings in the organic listings as a result of taking the time to get this done.

By using these simple tips, especially if you are creating a basic HTML website, you will see that your site will rank higher in the organic listings several weeks after getting this done. And if you have a WordPress blog, by entering in your title, description, and keywords, it will also help in your overall ranking for your primary keyword. Most of these techniques are common sense, but they are extremely useful when it comes to successful search engine optimization regardless of what niche you are in.

NY SEO – Finding the Right Search Engine Company

When choosing the best Search Engine Company in New York City or the surrounding area, once should consider that not everything is created equal. One of the best way to know if a business is legit or not is by its portfolio. If you looking for an SEO service, you probably have a basic idea of how a search engine works. A good marketing firm will have their own case study for you able to decide clearly. They usually let the data talk to you. Factual data is the only data you will need.

A bad SEO company will do the opposite, they endlessly talk about how good internet marketing is for your business and how it can help increase your profitability in general. They will show you graphs and studies conducted by other institution and not from them. They will probably show you a case study or a portfolio from one of their internet marketing “buddies”. They will have the best smile and some of them even rent a Ferrari to keep up with the facade. When to think that it’s too good to be true, then probably it is. Another warning sign is the look of their website. A good search engine marketing company should have a good website that contains concise and factual information. If the website looks like it came from a 90’s movie or it looks messed up, run.

Listed below are just some tips in choosing a good internet marketing company in New York. If you want to go straight to the good stuff, please contact this company –

  1. Real Results – Just like what I said above, data is king. A company needs to show that it has created good results for its past clients.
  2. Correct Process – There are three hats that an SEO expert can wear, there are white, black and grey. The black hat usually goes for unethical practices that search engines doesn’t want. They usually offer quick fixes at a very low cost. Remember, Google updates it’s algorithm at least once a year and every year it gets better at detecting black hat practices. White hat SEO experts usually go for longevity and sticks to what the search engines tells them. Usually, their work will last a very long time since search engines love it when you stick to the rules and they will reward it also with good rankings. The grey hat doesn’t really care what process he uses as long as he gets results may it be black, white or a combination of both. The best choice would be choosing an ethical SEO company not just because do they it the “right” way but because the results will stay a long time.
  3. Responsive – Everyone needs answers, the faster the better. SEO is a deep subject with a lot of nomenclatures. The ideal internet marketing company in NY would be the one that can answer your queries regarding SEO subject in a timely manner and have not to wait for weeks to answer a simple question. People who are passionate at what they do needs all the info they can get on subjects that are related to what they like.

Choosing the wrong company is very crucial and can break your online campaign if you chose the wrong one, if you want top notch service, I suggest this SEO company –

Effective Search Engine Optimization Tips

New York City SEO - Guide and Tips for better rankings

Search engine optimization or SEO is the process of building back links to your website, in order to make it rank higher in the search engines. If your website does not rank on the first page of Google or other search engines, it would be impossible for you to make money using this website. You have to promote this website using search engine optimization techniques to get it to rank higher in organic search results. Search engine optimization could be done in two ways. One is on-page optimization while the other is off-page optimization. On-page optimization is about modifying the title tag and meta description of the website to include the primary keyword that you are targeting. This is rather simple and does not take much time. But, off-page optimization is a cumbersome process and it would mainly target the backlink building process. You need to build backlinks to your website in order for the search engines to rank your website higher in their search results. A backlink is a vote in favor of a particular website and the search engines count it as such.

There are several methods to build back links to a website, in order to rank them higher on Google and other search engines. Quality and unique content are a must for a website to get good rankings on search engines. Without good content, you would not have any traffic to sell your product to. Duplicate content is being marginalized by most search engines and websites with duplicate content would be penalized, most of the time. Always ensure to include engaging content to attract customers to your website and make profits by selling your products and services to them.

Article marketing is one effective technique to build links to your website. Write unique articles and forward them to online article directories with a back link to your website in the resource box in the article. This would make Google give your website favorable points and rank your website higher in its search results. Posting quality content on high-quality social networks is another effective tip to enhance your website presence in the search engines. You could link to your website in the article body that you are posting to the social network sites. This is a quality back link in the eyes of Google and other search engines.

Social bookmarking your website is one of the most effective techniques to rank your website higher in the search results. It is a high quality back link in the eyes of the search engines. Directory submissions are another form of backlinking method that is effective in increasing your website presence in the search engines. Submit your website to high PR directories on the internet. Use directories that are relevant to the topic of your website.

The above tips are effective in NY SEO and increasing your website presence on the net. But, remember to always provide high-quality content when submitting them to various platforms across the World Wide Web.